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Metal Cabinet for EV Charger AMP-BOX Black

Metal Cabinet for EV Charger AMP-BOX Black

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Black Metal Rack for EV Charger AMP-BOX perfect for your Wallbox

Protect your charger from unauthorized access and weather. Durable cabinet with temperature control, combination lock with key, vents, functional cord slots and built-in electric switchgear box. Accommodates the most popular wallbox or mobile chargers. Additional openings can be made to specifications upon request - an option for an additional charge.

Modern wall-mounted cabinet dedicated to storing and protecting EV chargers. Elegant and functional design in black color.


Type: Protection Cabinet (Rack)


Outside: 50 cm W x 70 cm H x 25 cm D (with hinge and lock: 53.2 cm).
Internal: 43.7 cm W x 63.7 cm H x 18.2 cm  D
Electric swtichgear box: 20 cm W x 16 cm H x 9.5 cm D
Distance: From the bottom of the box to the switchboard is 49.3 cm.

Weight: 15kg

Parameters of the electric switchboard (can be removed in case of installation of larger chargers, for example):
Degree of protection: IP65
Number of modules: 8-module
Additional features:

Lock: Cipher 3-field for additional security + key .
Thermometer: Digital with humidity measurement (battery powered).

EV Charger Rack AMP-BOX Wallbox is:
Security: the cabinet will protect your charger from external elements such as rain, dust or snow. The combination lock provides additional security against unauthorized access.

Aesthetics: With its sleek black design, the cabinet fits perfectly into modern spaces, adding to the aesthetics of its surroundings. Hiding the cables and charger behind the cabinet door makes the charging area look neat and tidy.

Ergonomics: Precision-designed interior dimensions allow for optimal placement of the charger and cables, providing easy access and handling.

Up-to-the-minute information: A built-in digital thermometer with humidity measurement allows you to monitor internal conditions, which can be crucial to the longevity of your charger.

Durability: The cabinet is designed to be durable and resistant to a variety of external factors. Its weight and sturdy construction guarantee long-lasting use.

Space saving: Thanks to its compact size, the cabinet is ideal for places with limited space, allowing efficient use of available space.

Convenience: The cabinet allows for easy installation and removal of the charger, making any service work or installation upgrades less of a hassle.

Having such a cabinet is not only practicality, but also an investment in the comfort and safety of electric cars. It ensures the protection and longevity of your charger, while enhancing the aesthetics of your surroundings.

Guarantee: 1-year.

Product files:

  1. AMPBOX Lock manual
  2. AMPBOX Product card
  3. AMPBOX dimensions
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